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ICS Village 360 Tour
The ICS Village virtual tour offers an interactive learning experience for different components of industrial control system security. Explore your areas of interest and learn from experts about the many systems and components that need to be secured.


High profile industrial control system (ICS) security issues have grabbed headlines and sparked change throughout the global supply chain. The ICS Village allows defenders of any experience level to understand the unique failure modes of these systems and how to better prepare and respond to the changing threat landscape.

Interactive simulated ICS environments, such as Hack the Plan(e)t and Howdy Neighbor, provide safe yet realistic environments to preserve safe, secure, and reliable operations. The ICS Village brings a compelling experience for all experience levels and types, with IT and industrial equipment. Our interactive learning approach invites you to get hands on with the equipment to build your skills.

We bring you real components such as programmable logic controllers (PLC), human-machine interfaces (HMI), remote telemetry units (RTU), and actuators to simulate a realistic environment by using commonly used components throughout different industrial sectors. You will be able to connect your machine to the different industrial components and networks and try to assess these ICS devices with common security scanners to sniff the industrial traffic, and more!


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