DEF  CON   28

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August 7

12-1 ET Keynote - Chris Krebs
1:15-1:45 ET ICS Village CTF Kick-Off - Tom VanNorman
2-2:30 ET Mission Kill: Process Targeting in ICS Attacks - Joe Slowik
2:45-3:15 ET Vulnerability Discovery - Tips for Surviving and Thriving - Dor Yardeni and Mike Lemley
3:30-4:30 ET On the insecure nature of turbine control systems in power generation - Alexander Korotin, Radu Motspan and Eugenia Potseluevskaya
4:45-5:45 ET The Journey of ICS Project Files - Visibility and Forensics to Exploitation - Nadav Erez
6-6:30 ET 5 Quick Wins for Improving your ICS Cybersecurity Posture - Austin Scott
6:45-7:45 ET PowerLine Truck Hacking: 2TOOLS4PLC4TRUCKS - Ben Gardiner and Chris Poore

August 8

12-12:30 ET ICS SecOps: Active Defense Concept with Effective Incident Response in Industrial Control Systems - Can Kurnaz
12:45-1:45 ET Confessions of an Offensive ICS Cyber Security Researcher - Marina Krotofil
2-3ET Playing with Electricity: Hacking into Distribution Companies - Can Demirel and Serkan Temel
3:45-4:45 ET Vivisecting PowerPC
5-5:30 ET MITRE ICS ATT&CK - Marie Collins and Otis Alexander
5:45-6:45 ET Building a Physical Testbed for Blackstart Restoration under Cyber Fire - Tim Yardley
7-8 ET Operationalizing Cyber Norms: Critical Infrastructure Protection - Chris Kubecka
8:15-8:45 ET Industrial Cybersecurity in Mexico - Octavio Fernandez and Victor Gomez