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Hack the Capitol 3.0 will be on September 16, 2020.


The ICS Village in partnership with The Wilson Center's Science and Technology Innovation Program (STIP), Cyber Bytes Foundation, and R Street Institute, present Hack the Capitol 3.0! This event will be held virtually on Wednesday, September 16th from 9:00am - 5:30pm EDT.

Hack the Capitol is a day-long event that will provide education and awareness to Congressional staffers, think tanks, and press. The event offers significant value in raising awareness of our nation's challenges with critical infrastructure and constructively providing learning at multiple levels. Hack the Capitol provides a virtual experience with the technology behind manufacturing and energy components, demonstrations of industrial control systems, and an environment to learn about topics in cybersecurity, national security, and more! The event will be broken down into three agenda tracks, featuring 1) Policy Panels and Presentations 2) “Technical” Talks and 3) an Exhibition Hall.

Scheduled Presentations and Demonstrations Include:

  • Keynote by Rep. Mike Gallagher
  • Fireside Chat with DOE and CISA
  • Panel: The Press Perspective
  • Panel: A View from Congressional Staff
  • Panel: National Security and Critical Infrastructure
  • Dragos and ICS Security
  • Cyber Bytes Foundation non profit
  • USAFA Cyber Operations in the Classroom

  • RADICS lessons learned from DARPA


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