1000 Installations Later – Lessons for Successful Industrial Cyber Security

March 6, 2019 2:30 PM

With over 1000 installations at leading utilities, energy, manufacturing, and other industrial companies, Nozomi will share key take aways and best practices from 5 years of field experiences to help organizations pave the way for successful OT visibility and cyber security on a local or global scale. ICS Cyber security deployments are accelerating at a rapid pace. In this session NozomiNetworks Director of Technical Engineering Michael Dugentwill take a deep dive with those on the front lines of innovation and implementations. You’ll hear the lessons learned and understand the critical success factors for asset owners looking to secure their OT environments.

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Michael Dugent


Michael is an expert strategist in industrial network security, with more than a decade of hands-on experience in planning and implementing cyber security for Industrial Control systems. From initial approaches including segmentation, host and network based IDS and whitelisting to cutting edge approaches in anomaly detection and behavior analytics, Michael is well versed in the methodologies defenders of ICS systems must employ to detect and remove threats. Prior to joining Nozomi Networks he was Director of Customer Success and Sales Engineering at Fortscale, acquired by RSA. He worked at Industrial Defender and Lockheed Martin.