5 Keys for Security Monitoring of ICS Environments

March 6, 2019 12:00 PM

"A confluence of trends have caused the security of industrial operations to take center stage in the C-suite. The convergence of IT and OT operations, migration of once isolated OT environments to IIoT, and increased targeting of industrial networks are in the forefront. With these emerging trends, there is an even greater need to have 100% visibility, security, and control across industrial environments. During this session, we will discuss the threats to OT networks and the crucial need for visibility in order to secure these complex environments. Attendees will learn: The pros and cons of each monitoring approach How to effectively threat hunt in an ever evolving attack surface environment How to achieve a competitive advantage on the business side of the equation You’ll come away from this session with a solid understanding and steps to take to help secure your industrial organization from the unacceptable security threats."

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Barak Perelman


As Indegy’s CEO, Barak leads the company’s global operations from the NYC headquarters. Barak is a graduate of Israel's elite Talpiot military academy and brings over 15 years of hands-on experience in cybersecurity strategies and protection of critical infrastructures. Before founding Indegy, Barak led large-scale cyber security projects in the IDF and received commendations for his service achievements. Barak holds a B.Sc in Computer Science, Physics and Mathematics, and an MBA from Tel Aviv University.