A CTF That Teaches: Challenging the Next Generation of ICS Ethical Hackers

August 10, 2018 3:10 PM

Today's evolving threat landscape makes training new talent to defend critical infrastructure networks more important than ever. One way to both help people build their technical skills and introduce new people to the world of ICS security is with Capture-the-Flag exercises (CTFs). This presentation will analyze the development of a real-life CTF, including some of the problems faced and how to solve them, to show how you can create challenging, yet educational, CTFs to train the next generation of ICS defenders.

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Brandon Workentin


Brandon Workentin joined SecurityMatters as an ICS Security Engineer in early 2017. Prior to that, Brandon worked for EnergySec, where he started as an intern in 2014 and finished as a Cybersecurity Analyst II. At EnergySec, Brandon focused on security regulations, including the NERC CIP cybersecurity standards, as well as threats, research, and news affecting the electric industry. He was also involved in the creation of the EnergySec Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (ISAO), as well as a member of multiple ISAO Standards Organization Working Groups. Prior to joining the cybersecurity field, Brandon spent several years teaching math and English in Idaho and Oregon. Brandon also enjoys public speaking, highlighted by having presented on ICS security at multiple BSides events. He has a BA in Mathematics and English Education from Northwest Nazarene University and an AS in Cybersecurity and Networking from Mt. Hood Community College.