Cyber Mutual Assistance – A New Model for Electric Companies Preparing and Responding to Cyber Security Emergencies

September 26, 2018 12:45 PM

Owners and operators of the electric grid in the United States are facing an unprecedented number of physical and cyber security risks. This session will discuss the methods that electric utilities are using to address the wide variety of risks, with special focus on a new program called “Cyber Mutual Assistance” Based on lessons learned from major destructive cyber incidents overseas, and from exercises in North America, the Cyber Mutual Assistance program was developed. It is an extension of the electric power industry’s longstanding approach of sharing critical personnel and equipment when responding to emergencies. As a variety of industries are struggling with finding qualified security personnel, particularly when responding to a cyber incident, the cyber mutual assistance program provides an alternative, surge capacity. David Batz, Senior Director of Cyber & Infrastructure Security at Edison Electric Institute, will be providing information about the Cyber Mutual Assistance program, one example of a variety of industry initiatives developed by the Electricity Subsector Coordinating Council (ESCC) to provide resilience and restoration capability to entities in the electricity sector.

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David Batz

Edison Electric

David Batz, Senior Director, Cyber & Infrastructure Security at Edison Electric Institute, brings significant industry knowledge in understanding and applying appropriate security solutions to address emerging threats and issues. In addition to providing in-depth technical knowledge of security and network issues, he leverages a decade of energy regulatory compliance as well as physical and cybersecurity policy experience and engagement with federal agencies.