Disassembly and Hacking of Firmware Where You Least Expect It: In Your Tools- with live hacking demonstration

August 11, 2018 11:20 AM

In this session we'll cover: Why EVERYTHING is a computer running software and can be attacked Vulnerability and capability assessment of firmware attacks Physical ramifications of tool attacks Finding and verifying firmware Some instances where "less security" is better Safety / Security tips for firmware Screen reader support enabled.

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Monta Elkins

FoxGuard Solutions

Monta Elkins is currently Hacker-in-Chief for FoxGuard Solutions, an ICS patch provider. Considered by many of his friends to be the Chuck Norris of ICS Cybersecurity, Rackspace enjoyed his tenure as Security Architect. Monta has been a speaker at more security conferences than even his enormous ego can remember including: DEFCON, EnergySec, ICSJWG, GridSecCon, CIP Emerging Technology Roundtable, ICS CyberSecurity, SANS ICS Summit, and Nuke CIP Pyongyang. In his spare time, Monta is the totally-safe-for-work "Coke and Strippers" YouTube channel creator, solving all the world's problems using Cold War era electronic technologies. https://tinyurl.com/y6vpmbw4 Known for having once discovered ALL the devices on an ICS network, Monta has served as a guest lecturer for colleges, universities and elsewhere teaching Arduino programming/circuit design, SDR, and rapid prototyping techniques. As a small child, he entertained himself by memorizing Pi -- backwards.