Enhancing Capacity...via Trust

May 15, 2019 2:30 PM

Loss of the flying public's trust in reliable, safe, & trustworthy air travel could impact national security. While the US government & the aviation industry are working hard, individually and cooperatively, an untapped resource remains. By dispelling hacker myths & misconceptions, trust among these communities can increase their collective ability to contribute more effectively to bolstering the cybersecurity of air travel.

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Steve Luczynski

T-Rex Solutions, LLC

Steve Luczynski retired from the Air Force in 2017 after a 25-year career flying F-15s & F-22s. He transitioned to cyber policy as the Deputy Director for Cyber Plans & Operations, Office of the Secretary of Defense at the Pentagon. Steve worked closely with National Security Council staff, other government agencies, the Joint Staff, and US Cyber Command on efforts to counter foreign threats and protect U.S. interests. He created and led Department-wide initiatives to ensure compliance with Presidential directives that enabled military cyberspace operations. Steve played a key leadership role in the Department’s increased support for US government efforts to address aviation cybersecurity challenges. Steve is currently the Chief Information Security Officer for T-Rex Solutions, LLC where he oversees the protection of corporate and customer data across all lines of business and is responsible for directing information security risk management, compliance, policies, and standards.