ICS Cybersecurity & Implications for National Security

May 15, 2019 10:00 AM

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David Batz

Edison Electric

David Batz, Senior Director, Cyber & Infrastructure Security at Edison Electric Institute, brings significant industry knowledge in understanding and applying appropriate security solutions to address emerging threats and issues. In addition to providing in-depth technical knowledge of security and network issues, he leverages a decade of energy regulatory compliance as well as physical and cybersecurity policy experience and engagement with federal agencies.

Dr. Kelly Fletcher

U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Dr. Kelly Fletcher is the Deputy Director at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. She previously served as the Acting Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the Department of the Navy (DON). Prior to that, she was the Principal Deputy CIO, during which time she was appointed to the Senior Executive Service. In that position, she supported the DON CIO in executing his responsibilities and provided strategic guidance and direction to the DON CIO's functional teams: Cybersecurity, Information Technology Analysis & Internal Controls, Enterprise Infrastructure, Privacy & Information Sharing, and Strategic Spectrum Policy.

Ben Miller


Ben Miller, Vice President of Threat Operations, leads Dragos’ team of analysts in performing active defense, threat hunting, incident response, and malware analysis missions for the industrial community inside of ICS/SCADA networks. Previously the Associate Director, Electricity Information Sharing & Analysis Center (Electricity ISAC), he led cyber analysis for the sector. He and his team focused on leading-edge cyber activities as they relate to the North American bulk electric system.

Bryson Bort


Bryson Bort is the Founder and CEO of SCYTHE and Chairman of GRIMM. Prior to launching SCYTHE and GRIMM, he led an elite research & development (R&D) division that directly contributed towards National Security priorities and interest. Prior to that he developed an enterprise R&D program and supported creation of a cybersecurity strategy as a Deputy CTO and Program Director focused on supporting technology research and global infrastructure for the DoD and the Intelligence Community. He is also a Fellow at the National Security Institute.