IT/OT Convergence - Are We There Yet?

August 9, 2019 3:30 PM

Call it convergence, alignment, cooperation, or what you will, not only are IT networks being used to carry OT information and control instructions, traditional OT manufacturers are adding traditional IT features into their products and traditional IT manufacturers are looking at the opportunity to step into the OT world. Jack will discuss this and other aspects of the convergence of IT and OT. There is still resistance and in cases, a lack of understanding about IT/OT convergence, the objectives, and what needs to be done. In order to have convergence of IT/OT, we must first define, or at least set a goal for convergence.

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Jack Oden

Parsons Government Services

Jack D. Oden is self-motivated, energetic, and accomplished, has 20 years’ experience in negotiating system improvements between users and engineers; developing, acquiring, operating, analyzing, designing, and programming quality, user-oriented systems. He provides services to customers on industrial control systems security for critical infrastructure, advises on compliance with legal, regulations and policy, leads information technology subject matter experts in operating systems and networking, managed five projects over 25 years, managed two full-scale computer operations and a cybersecurity operation center, and built a 67,000 sqft office complex, including four sensitive compartmented information facilities. He has over 46 years’ experience in leadership, Jack is a retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel, holds a Masters in Business Administration, Management from University of Texas at San Antonio and Bachelors in Business Administration, Accounting from Texas A&M University, is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional, Global Industrial Cyber Security Professional, Project Management Professional, and SCADA Security Architect.