Scada Attack Detection 101 - SANDBOX STAGE

March 6, 2019 10:50 AM

Following the SCADA 101 attack talk at RSA last year, this talk will focus on ICS/SCADA attack detection. You will learn about some of the basic ICS/SCADA attack behaviors and the relevant logs. We will then delve into some of the fundamental techniques you can use to detect SCADA attacks, including using ML/anomaly detection. You will see a demo of ICS/SCADA attack detection in practice.

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Oleg Kolesnikov


Oleg Kolesnikov is Vice President for Securonix and also teaches Cybersecurity at Northeastern University. His responsibilities include Cybersecurity and advanced cyber threat detection, working with Fortune 500 executives and security teams to investigate, identify, and defend against the latest real-world cyber threats, focusing on cyber and fraud, behavioral analytics, machine learning/data science-based threat and insider threat detection. Oleg also heads the Securonix Threat Research Labs & Red team, which arms Securonix customers with actionable threat intelligence. He has undergraduate and graduate degrees from Georgia Tech.

Harshvardhan Parashar