Securing Critical Infrastructure through Side-Channel Monitoring

September 26, 2018 1:55 PM

We present a platform of trust for digital devices using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and power analysis. The approach, called Power Fingerprinting (PFP), uses AI to extract tiny patterns in analog Fingerprinting (PFP), uses AI to extract tiny patterns in analog side-channels (e.g. power consumption or electromagnetic emissions),and detects malicious intrusion in critical infrastructure. PFP can operate air-gapped, without adding processing overhead or latency.

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Carlos R. Aguayo Gonzalez

PFP Cybersecurity

Carlos R. Aguayo Gonzalez, is one of the Founders and Chief Technology Officer of PFP Cybersecurity, which develops unique physics-based cyber security solutions for critical infrastructure, including industrial control systems and supply-chain risk management. He received his PhD and MS degrees from Virginia Tech both in Electrical Engineering. The PFP Cybersecurity approach has its foundation on Dr. Aguayo Gonzalez’s doctoral work. He has extensive research and development (R&D) experience in cyber security, critical infrastructure protection, side-channel analysis, machine learning, and signal processing. Dr. Aguayo Gonzalez has served as Principal Investigator in multiple R&D projects in cyber security protection of critical infrastructure. Key sponsors of this research include: National Science Foundation, Army, Air Force, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, and the Department of Homeland Security