Securing the Grid, and Critical Infrastructure with Industrial SDN

March 6, 2019 9:00 AM

The industrial networks that support our critical infrastructure like the power grid, water systems, transportation and manufacturing are increasingly connected to other operational technology (OT) networks, IT networks, as well as the internet for remote access and reporting for compliance. These networks were never designed to be connected, and they lack the basic security required to keep them safe and resilient in the face of the increased scrutiny and cyber-attacks that we have seen over the last several years. This presentation will review the current state of our critical infrastructure, industrial networks, the challenges that we face in securing them, and will introduce an emerging “deny by default” networking approach, powered by software defined networks (Industrial SDN). This emerging technology has been studied extensively in the Department of Energy (DOE) labs, and is now being commercialized to secure the U.S. power grid of the future.

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Paul Myer


"Paul Myer is the CEO of Veracity Industrial Networks, an Orange County based software company that is building an industrial network security platform based on Software Defined Networking (SDN). Paul is an accomplished technology leader with over 25 years in executive management, operations, consulting, sales, marketing, and strategic alliances & partnerships roles. Paul’s early career was hardware focused, with Compaq, NEC, and RLX Technologies (blade server startup). He has been focused in the network security and big data software market for the last 15 years, including M86 Security (Web and Email Security), and Public Engines (Cloud-based crime data visualization and predictive analytics). Paul shifted focus to industrial networks and security in 2015, with the launch of Veracity, as these networks have become increasingly connected. The Veracity team has wide and deep expertise in Industrial Control Systems (ICS), security and software defined networking (SDN). Veracity has built a resilient, secure industrial network that provides an on premise, centralized configuration, control, and monitoring solution that tracks all connected devices and their communications. The platform is a “secure by default” network that moves beyond the detection and alerting of cyber events into a resilient network that reduces the attack surface by design. The Veracity industrial network massively reduces the complexity of the network by repurposing the switch infrastructure to ensure communication between devices is secure and determined by the system’s design."