Stopping Tomorrow's Attack: Protecting High Risk, Critical Systems

September 26, 2018 3:35 PM

ICS vendors across the globe are making bold claims. Through expanded internet and network connectivity, ICS asset owners are promised greater efficiency, performance, and cost savings, but that connectivity comes with risk. Advanced hackers of the world have turned their attention to ICS and the results are in. Systems that used to be ignored are now a prime target. The risk landscape has changed and the ICS community is now facing the same threats that the Government, and particularly the military, have been facing for years. We'll discuss technologies, called Cross Domain Solutions, used by the Government to protect its most critical strategic and tactical systems, and how those technologies are built to withstand unknown and evolving threats and how they apply to the ICS world.

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Jason Ostermann


Jason Ostermann, Chief Engineer – Transfer Solutions, has 19 years of overall experience in the cyber industry including network and systems administration, software security engineering, and system administration, with 14 years focused on cross domain solutions. As the Forcepoint High Speed Guard Chief Engineer, Jason was responsible for the maturation of a high speed cross domain solution supporting 90% of theoretical line speed throughput for secure data transfers. Jason now brings this experience and talent to the suite of guard technologies at Forcepoint. Jason holds CISSP, ISSEP certifications and a Bachelors degree in Computer Science.