Walking Before You Run: A Look at the Maturation of ICS Cybersecurity

September 26, 2018 11:20 AM

2018 has seen the rise of a myriad of really cool technology. There is a bumper crop of buzzwords and it can be tough to know what is or isn't applicable when it comes to securing the critical infrastructure of our nation. For policy makers, it's important to understand implications of policy regarding newer technology. This talk takes a look at the history of ICS cybersecurity maturation, discusses the current threats, and opines on efficacy of new technology in accomplishing our goals. We’ll also hear some tales from the trenches about adoption of technologies in the past.

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Corey Thuen


Corey Thuen is a founder of Gravwell and has spent over a decade in ICS security. That experience is now driving development of a full-stack analytics platform built to solve the unique challenges faced by critical infrastructure. Prior to founding Gravwell, Corey conducted security assessments on anything from power equipment to vehicle computers to over-engineered juicers while working for companies such as IOActive, Digital Bond, and Southfork Security. Before that Corey did cybersecurity work for the US Department of Energy at Idaho National Laboratory and the FBI.